Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Restore Lymphatic Circulation for Better Health

Restore Lymphatic Circulation for Better Health

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Certain diseases or illnesses can cause lymph fluid to build up. This can result in swelling or discomfort known as lymphedema. Lymphatic drainage massage helps to release build-up so your lymph system can circulate and filter as it should.

When you experience pain caused by lymphedema, visit Therapy Solutions by Connie for a lymphatic drainage massage. We are trained in lymphedema therapy and can safely massage and reduce swollen areas without causing extra pressure or pain.

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Benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage

When your lymph system cannot flush properly, toxins and waste can build up in your soft tissue and cause significant health issues. Through regular lymphatic drainage massage, you can...

  • Enable your lymph system to flush correctly.
  • Reduce the flareups of autoimmune disorders.
  • Improve sleep, stress and digestive problems.

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