At Therapy Solutions, we encounter and treat many people, all of whom have unique needs and problems that they are seeking treatment for. Below are the stories and testimonials of people who sought our services and experienced amazing results. We think their stories will tell you more about who we are and what we are about.

I was hardly able to move my head or shoulders after having radical neck surgery. Prior to my first treatment at Therapy Solutions my neck muscles and surrounding tissue were painfully tight and inflexible. The specialized techniques they used to treat me worked wonders. Their efforts helped me regain my normal lifestyle. My doctors were pleased with my results. I am happy to recommend the services at Therapy Solutions.

Jane Kreycik

I believe my rapid recovery was enhanced by the excellent one to one therapy at Therapy Solutions following knee surgery. I feel the hands on treatment including the Myofascial Release techniques aided in my quick recovery. I recommend Therapy Solutions to all of my family and friends who need therapy.

Brian Plumb

My granddaughter was burned over 38% of her body. Due to the outstanding therapy, she is now able to ride bikes, roller-skate, and dance. Her life has great value today due to the individual care and effort that was provided to her.

Judy Lewis

I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my neck and referred to a neurologist for surgery. Connie, my PT, told me of the complications that often arise from surgery, including the need for repeated procedures due to scar tissue. She suggested that I try the myofascial release therapy that would release the tightness. It would aid the surgery, if not prevent it. After the first day of treatment, the pain was gone. Following eight days of treatment, I have not had any pain episodes and the numbness in my arm is gone. I left with instruction for daily exercises and feel so much better. I have recommended Therapy Solutions and myofascial release to family and friends. I will not hesitate to return for further treatment if the need arises. I am so amazed at the success of the therapy. The clinicians were highly trained and motivating.

Jeanne Peters

Pittsburgh, PA

I was being treated at another clinic for my shoulder pain, however, I didn’t think I was progressing fast enough, so my doctor referred me to Therapy Solutions. I am so glad I changed clinics, the staff is supportive and has a positive approach to therapy. My shoulder got better and I returned to work.

Judy Cole

Casper, WY

Best place in Casper to receive physical therapy! I've had 9 elbow surgeries, 6 knee, and 2 ankle. I know how PT patients should be treated, and this is the place!

Suzanne Hansen

These therapists are the best at helping you recover from recent or chronic pain with 1:1 attention. Therapists choose to have therapy here, great facility too.

Terry Kipp